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Kevlar® Motorcycle Clothing: Revolutionising Rider Safety

Motorcycling is more than just a mode of transport; it's an adventure that beckons two-wheeled enthusiasts. However, safety should always be a rider's top priority. One material that has made a significant impact in this arena is Kevlar®

In this blog article, we're going to delve deep into the world of Kevlar® motorcycle clothing. We'll uncover what Kevlar® is, how its skilfully integrated into protective riding gear, explore the vast array of benefits it offers, and discuss why it has become one of the undisputed leaders in motorcycle apparel materials. So, fasten your helmets and get ready to ride through the fascinating world of Kevlar®-enhanced gear.

Understanding Kevlar®: A Remarkable Fibre

Before we dive into its application in motorcycle clothing, let's get to know Kevlar® a bit better. Kevlar® is a high-strength synthetic fibre known for its incredible durability and resistance to abrasion. It was first developed by chemist Stephanie Kwolek in 1965 and has since found its way into various industries, including aerospace, military, and, of course, motorcycle gear.

What sets Kevlar® apart is its remarkable strength-to-weight ratio. This means it's incredibly strong while remaining lightweight, a crucial factor in motorcycle clothing where mobility and comfort are essential.

Incorporating Kevlar® into Motorcycle Gear

Now that we've got the basics down, let's explore how Kevlar® is integrated into motorcycle clothing. The key to its effectiveness lies in its composition. Kevlar® fibre are woven or blended with other materials, such as textiles or leather, to create garments that offer optimal protection.

Here's a quick look at some of the ways Kevlar® is used:

1. Reinforced Impact Zones: Kevlar® panels are strategically placed in critical areas like shoulders, elbows, and knees to provide abrasion resistance and impact protection.

2. Inner Linings: Some motorcycle jackets and pants feature Kevlar® linings that add an extra layer of protection while maintaining flexibility and comfort.

3. Gloves and Boots: Even motorcycle gloves and boots can benefit from Kevlar® reinforcements in high-stress areas.

The Benefits of Kevlar® Motorcycle Clothing

So, why has Kevlar® become the go-to choice for motorcycle gear manufacturers? Let's break down the advantages:

1. Outstanding Abrasion Resistance: Kevlar® is exceptionally resistant to abrasion, making it a lifesaver in the event of a slide or crash. It can significantly reduce road rash and injury.

2. Lightweight: Despite its impressive strength, Kevlar® remains lightweight, ensuring that riders can move freely without feeling weighed down.

3. Flexibility: Kevlar®'s flexibility ensures that it doesn't compromise a rider's range of motion, making it ideal for jackets, pants, and gloves.

4. Breathability: Many Kevlar®-infused garments are designed with breathability in mind, preventing overheating during warm rides.

5. Longevity: Kevlar® gear is built to last. It can withstand years of use and abuse, making it a wise investment for riders.

6. Versatility: Kevlar® is adaptable, so it can be used in various styles of motorcycle clothing, from sporty jackets to classic cruiser gear.

Why Kevlar® Reigns Supreme

In the realm of motorcycle clothing materials, Kevlar® stands head and shoulders above the rest for a multitude of reasons. Its incredible strength, coupled with its lightweight and flexible nature, make it an ideal choice for riders seeking top-tier protection without compromising comfort.

Additionally, Kevlar® has a proven track record of saving lives. Riders have attested to the effectiveness of Kevlar®-infused gear in real-world accidents, further solidifying its status as the industry leader.

So, when looking for your next protective motorcycle garment, consider Kevlar® motorcycle clothing as an investment in your safety and comfort on the road. It's a material that has redefined rider protection and continues to push the boundaries of what's possible in motorcycle gear. Ride safe, and enjoy the adventure with the peace of mind that Kevlar® provides.

RST's Kevlar® Range

Below we have highlighted some of the key products from our RST x Kevlar® collection. See the full range at the bottom of the article.


A unique product from RST. Designed for the urban environment, it’s a loose fitting garment yet backed with Kevlar™ lining, Sherpa fleece on the inside and a waterproof lining. A generous kangaroo pocket on the front and large storage pocket on the chest add to rider convenience along with adjustment zips on the hem for easy access and removable hood make the Loadout truly versatile.

View 1/4 zip Kevlar® Hoodie


An understated look yet packed with protection – no one would know this is a motorcycle protective garment. Made from a HD Wax fabric, the shirt features a Kevlar® Fibre lining and is supported by a contrast tartan inner lining and fixed mesh lining for extra breathability. CE Certified to Level A, the shirt has CE Level 1 shoulder and elbow armour with a pocket for a back protector. Added features include a central front zip with a popper fastening overlay for added safety. Added to this are the side seam air vents for maximum air flow and magnetic collar fastening.

View District Waxed Kevlar® Shirt


A classically styled denim garment, backed with Kevlar® protection and lined with Sherpa fleece on the inside. With CE approved armour at the shoulders and elbows, a true biker jacket with a real fashion style.

View Mens Kevlar® Sherpa Denim Jacket
View Womens Kevlar® Sherpa Denim Jacket

Full RST x Kevlar® Collection

If you would like to view our full Kevlar® range you can take a look below;

View RST x Kevlar® Collection

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