Mens Textile Jackets

The RST mens textile motorcycle jacket collection has a wide range of protective wear for all riding styles and budgets, plus we have a jacket for every type of weather the UK can throw at you! We have breathable summer motorbike jackets, three quarter textile jackets, waterproof jackets and multi-functional all weather motorcycle jackets for men available across a wide range of budgets.

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  1. Pro Series Adventure-X Airbag Textile Jacket

    Pro Series Adventure-X Airbag Textile Jacket

    Adventure riding is about tackling any and every environment you can imagine. From the depths of winter in the Scottish Highlands to riding across the Sahara in the middle of the summer, the Adventure-X is one jacket that can go with you on the entire journey. RST’s innovative removable X-Liner combines waterproof SinAqua protection with a built-in thermal layer, is quick and easy to remove and has been designed to be accommodated in the rear pocket when not in use.
    The large vents all over the jacket enable a huge airflow when all fully open, and a water bladder pocket (bladder available separately) can keep you hydrated when the going gets tough! Add in class leading safety features of Level 2 armour, external shoulder sliders and of course In&motion integrated airbag technology and you have the ultimate adventure motorcycle jacket! Learn More
  2. GT Airbag Textile Jacket

    GT Airbag Textile Jacket

    Taking its styling cues from its sister leather jacket, the GT textile airbag jacket has a specification list that cannot be beaten. The HTC abrasion resistant fabric offers a level of comfort and suppleness that is really noticeable when riding, a SinAqua waterproof membrane keeps you dry, adjustable vents keep you cool when required and a full length removable thermal lining keeps the warmth in on those cold days.
    Zip together with the GT textile jean for the ultimate sports touring textile jacket. If all that wasn’t enough add in the safety of Level 2 armour and an In&motion integrated Airbag and every box is ticked! Learn More
  3. Pro Series Adventure-X Textile Jacket

    Pro Series Adventure-X Textile Jacket

    The Pro Series Adventure-X jacket and jean is a must have for all adventure riding. Upgraded with input from legendary Dakar Rally finisher Mick Extance, (who know's what is needed to make the best motorcycling jackets for adventure riding!)
    This is a high specification jacket: It’s double layered. Made from MaxTex – a lightweight high denier synthetic material that offers great protection and is comfortable to wear. Additionally, a Ballistic textile is overlaid over key impact areas along with the triple stitching using a coated bonded nylon thread offers increased abrasion resistance.
    A new addition to our newest Adventure jacket is the new innovative and removeable X-Liner – a singular lightweight lining which features the quilted thermal liner and the SinAqua waterproof membrane combined together. This can be removed easily and stored in the rear jacket map pocket. This along with the superior levels of ventilation in the form of the fixed comfort mesh lining and multiple chest, arm and rear vents ensure superb levels of air flow in and out of the jacket, keeping you cool as you ride.
    Add in the class leading armour; it has a CE certification rating of AA and CE Level 2 back protector and shoulder and elbow armour along with TPU shoulder cups and you have a garment ready to protect in the event of any impact. And if that wasn’t enough, hardwearing MAX zips are used throughout the jacket and there are stretch motion panels and adjustment points on the arm and waist to offer the most comfortable fit.
    From huge ventilation points to CE armour, the RST Adventure-X jacket is everything you need a textile adventure motorcycle jacket to be and more! Learn More
  4. RST Pro Series Adventure III Textile Jacket

    RST Pro Series Adventure III Textile Jacket

    We’ve had some RST users really push the Adventure to the max riding in the Australian Outback; from their feedback we have added large external TPU shoulder protectors, we’ve improved the parachute strap (this is a strap that goes under the crotch to stop the jacket lifting when riding stood up, please don’t jump out of a plane in the Adventure!) and made subtle improvements to the fit of both the jacket and jean. You’ll find multiple large adjustable vented panels, a removable thermal lining, and separate removable waterproof lining, so from the depths of a Scottish winter to the heat of the Australian outback, wherever and whenever you ride, the Adventure has you covered.

    Learn More
  5. Pro Series X-Raid Textile Jacket

    Pro Series X-Raid Textile Jacket

    The X-Raid jacket may look simple, but is brimming with features that focus on practicality and usability - designed for the touring rider.This textile jacket is CE certified to level A and features a CE Level 2 back protector, shoulder and elbow armour.
    Don’t let its understated design fool you as the X-Raid is designed to keep you warm, dry and protected! It’s made from a hardwearing Ripstop material and features Ballistic on intense abrasion areas such as the shoulders and arms. Additionally, the X-Raid features a fixed SinAqua waterproof and breathable lining and a removable thermal lining alongside front and back vents for optimum comfort and versatility.
    There are multiple pockets on the jacket for storing the items that you need when out on the road, including a rear removable map pocket and small chest pockets at the front, ideal for storing bike keys – great for bikes with keyless ignitions. Particularly useful is the military inspired molle straps which can easily hold a cargo pouch (available separately). The jacket also features an area to add a hook & loop patch. Three patches are included with the X-Raid jacket: a Union Jack patch, an RST patch and a blank patch for adding your own message.
    Adding to all of this, are the waist and arm adjusters and a 360° connection zipper for a secure and tailored fit – the X-Raid is essential kit for all adventure riding! Learn More
  6. Pro Series Pathfinder Laminated Textile Jacket

    Pro Series Pathfinder Laminated Textile Jacket

    The Pro Series Pathfinder is RSTs first fully laminated touring jacket, providing superior waterproofing, comfort and versatility to compliment the protective qualities of the garment.
    Specially constructed from LX3 fabric, this laminated motorcycle jacket features a three-layer SinAqua Pro waterproof and breathable membrane which is bonded to the outer material, ensuring water is repelled from the jacket. The SinAqua Pro membrane boasts a waterproof rating of over 10,000mm/ cm² (Hydrostatic Head) for superior levels of water repellence, breathability and high performance. This means the fabric could hold a 1cm² column of water that is 15 metres tall before water leaks through! Additionally, the jacket has a breathability rating 10,000g/m² /24h. This means 10,000 grams of moisture vapor can pass through a square metre of the fabric over a 24-hour period without it impacting comfort levels– making it the perfect partner for wet weather riding. The double and triple stitching on the jacket is finished with taped seams which further repels water.
    Protection and comfort rest at the heart of this garment: It is CE certified to Level A and features a CE Level 2 back protector, shoulder and elbow armour along with the Ballistic textile overlay abrasion resistance at key impact areas.
    A fixed mesh comfort lining, removable quilted thermal lining and multiple intake and exhaust vents support multiple riding conditions keeping you warm or well ventilated as required. The elasticated throat coat reduces the windchill and is easily removable for dryer conditions. The RST Pathfinder also features a wide range of adjusters to achieve a perfect fit and features a 360° connection zipper for seamless connectivity with other RST garments. And if that was not enough, reflex piping and reflective print detail on the garment support visibility when riding especially in poor light conditions or when riding in wet weather.
    All in all, Pathfinder jacket is by far one of the most waterproof and versatile touring jackets on the market. Learn More
  7. Pro Series Raid Textile Jacket

    Pro Series Raid Textile Jacket

    Carrying much the same specification as our X-Raid Jacket, the RST Raid is a subtly branded, stylishly designed touring jacket.
    Made from a lightweight but hardwearing VX-R fabric, offering excellent abrasion resistance, this textile motorcycle jacket has a Microfibre overlay at key impact areas. The apparel is CE certified to Level A and feature CE level 1 back protector, shoulder and elbow armour, protecting your body from impacts.
    The jacket has a SinAqua Pro waterproof lining to ensure you stay dry during downpours and a removable thermal quilted lining which offers a layer of ventilation when riding in cooler weather. Added to this are the zipped ventilation areas at the chest and rear of the jacket which allows air flow in and out of the jacket. The jacket is brimming with internal and external pockets and also includes a rear map pocket for storing valuables securely.
    The Raid jacket also features a 360° connection zip for attaching to the RST Raid trousers. Additionally, large adjustment areas at the arms and waist of the jacket allow the rider to tailor the jacket to their body shape - great for stopping the billowing effect that can occur when travelling at speed. Learn More
  8. Shoreditch Textile Jacket

    Shoreditch Textile Jacket

    Part of the new RST Metropolitan collection, the lightweight and waterproof Shoreditch jacket is equally trendy as it is protective - ideal for city riders.
    CE Certified to Level A, this jacket features CE level 1 shoulder and elbow armour and comes with a pocket for the back protector. It’s made from a hardwearing but lightweight CRC fabric which offers added stretch and comfort and is reinforced by a durable MaxTex textile at key impact areas. The protection is further enhanced through the reflective detailing found at the cuffs which aid visibility when traveling in conditions where visibility is reduced.
    Added to this is the fixed mesh lining which aids air flow through the jacket and the SinAqua waterproof, breathable lining and removable quilted thermal lining offering protection from the elements. This lining is easily removable to offer a lightweight summer motorcycle jacket. The small zipped gusset on the jacket helps expand the waist, offering free range of movement and comfort when mounting the bike and whilst on the saddle. The comfort levels are extended through the adjustable waist and cuffs which support a more tailored fit. Learn More
  9. GT Textile Jacket

    GT Textile Jacket

    The GT textile jacket is a road focussed motorcycle jacket with a subtle sporty feel and shares much of the same functionality of its leather twin, with additional features to support a more comfortable ride.
    CE certified to Level A, the GT comes with a CE certified Level 2 back protector as well as shoulder and elbow armour. This, along with key impact areas reinforced with Ballistic and the subtle matte TPU shoulder cups, means that this jacket offers excellent levels of protection.
    The fixed SinAqua waterproof lining and removable thermal quilted lining means that you stay fresh, dry and warm – a welcome feature offering protection against all the elements. The quilted thermal liner can be easily removed leaving you with a lightweight summer motorcycle jacket.
    Added to this are the waist and arm adjusters and stretch panels which allow free range of movement and a more contoured fit aswell as the 360° connection zip in the jacket which easily attaches to the GT textile jean or any compatible RST jean. Learn More
  10. Maverick Textile Jacket

    Maverick Textile Jacket

    Maverick by name; a maverick by nature. Made from a hardwearing MaxTex ballistic outer construction, this textile motorcycle jacket is CE Certified to Level A, with CE certified level 1 back protector, shoulder and elbow armour, offering impact resistance in the event of an incident. An additional safety feature is the reflex reflective print which offer enhanced visibility in poor weather conditions.
    The interchangeable liner system is a key characteristic of the RST Maverick jacket, offering fantastic versatility when riding. The SinAqua waterproof membrane and quilted thermal liners can be utilised in a variety of ways; jacket with no liners, jacket + thermal liner, jacket with waterproof liner or jacket with both thermal and waterproof linings, so you can take on any weather condition on your ride.
    Stretch panels, arm and waist adjusters all support a more comfortable contoured fit. Additional supporting features include MAX zippers, a 360° connection zipper for connecting to any RST garment and multi-pocketed intake and exhaust ventilation areas which can be opened as required to channel airflow in, around and out of the jacket.
    All this and we are yet to talk about storage - the multiple internal and outer pockets are ideal for storing valuables such as phones, wallets and keys. Not to mention the fixed rear large map pocket for storing maps and other large documents. The Maverick textile jacket is a great piece of kit offering touring riders the ability to go anywhere come rain or shine. Learn More

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