Jared Schultz

Series: SA SBK

Team: AS Racing



Started racing CBR 150 in the WPMC short circuit racing After 2 races started to compete in the middle of the the pack with an average result of 5 Taking a 3 rd during the season (first wet race ever) Completed the first season in 5th Competed in his first main circuit race in December on a RVF 400 at the All bike race
day at the end of 2014 and finished 3rd


Continued racing CBR 150 in the WPMC short circuit and finished 3 rd overall for the year. By looking at the performance in the all bike race day on the 400cc machine, Jared got special permission by MSA to race on the Main circuit (because he was too young to compete on the main circuit as per the rules) Completing the season in 3 rd place overall Competed in the 9 hour where Joey Litjens ex international GP, superbike racer and coach saw how much Jared had improved and invited Jared to ride in Assen. All Bike Race Day: On the all bike race day at the end of 2015 I got the opportunity to race a Triumph 675 Finished the day in 2nd


 struggled with the start of the season having problems with the bike in the first two races of the season finishing in 10th and 9th. After the first two rounds I made huge improvements Finishing the rest of the season in the top 4 and one 3rd and a 2nd and setting the lap record at Killarney. Due to international duties I could not finish the whole season and missed 2 races. I competed in Killarney Power Series on my ZX6R Due to international duties I missed 2 races and missed the championship by 20 points Taking numerous victories in the class and podium most of the races. Finished the season 2nd in class B and 4th in the 600cc class in my rookie year.