RST Airbag Range

At RST, safety is at the very core of what we do. The next step for us was to introduce a range offering enhanced rider protection - The solution: using airbag technology. We are proud to be working with In&motion - experts in engineering wearable airbag systems. Just as armour is integrated into garments, we believe the best way to improve rider safety is to fully integrate In&motion’s airbag technology into RST garments.

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  1. Race Dept V4.1 Airbag Leather One Piece Suit

    Race Dept V4.1 Airbag Leather One Piece Suit

    Developed for the world's most extreme racing environments, the V4.1 Airbag one piece is a true racing suit; constructed with a 60/40 split of the highest quality Kangaroo leather and Grade A Cowhide, with the In&motion integrated airbag technology built into the garment for maximum protection when you need it.
    Additionally, reinforced with Aramid protection and fitted with a full suite of level 2 CE certified armour, the V4.1 leather suit exceeds the highest AAA CE rating. Reverse hook/loop factory knee sliders, elbow sliders and inner knee grippers further enhance the V4.1’s real racing pedigree.
    Every V4.1 will also come with one years' complimentary racing algorithm upgrade. Learn More
  2. Pro Series Adventure-X Airbag Textile Jacket

    Pro Series Adventure-X Airbag Textile Jacket

    Adventure riding is about tackling any and every environment you can imagine. From the depths of winter in the Scottish Highlands to riding across the Sahara in the middle of the summer, the Adventure-X is one jacket that can go with you on the entire journey. RST’s innovative removable X-Liner combines waterproof SinAqua protection with a built-in thermal layer, is quick and easy to remove and has been designed to be accommodated in the rear pocket when not in use.
    The large vents all over the jacket enable a huge airflow when all fully open, and a water bladder pocket (bladder available separately) can keep you hydrated when the going gets tough! Add in class leading safety features of Level 2 armour, external shoulder sliders and of course In&motion integrated airbag technology and you have the ultimate adventure motorcycle jacket! Learn More
  3. GT Airbag Leather Jacket

    GT Airbag Leather Jacket

    Using the highest quality drum dyed aniline cowhide, the GT takes motorcycle leather jacket ergonomics and comfort to another level. Comfort is further enhanced with panel-in-panel perforation and a 3D mesh lining ensures a full flow of air around the entire rider’s body. Seamlessly integrated with airbag technology, built into the garment, to give you incredible additional protection.
    Exceeding the AAA CE rating, Level 2 armour is combined with subtle external shoulder sliders and the integrated In&motion Airbag to offer the highest possible level of rider safety. Added to this masterful tailoring, the GT will be the only leather motorcycle jacket you ever need. Learn More
  4. GT Airbag Textile Jacket

    GT Airbag Textile Jacket

    Taking its styling cues from its sister leather jacket, the GT textile airbag jacket has a specification list that cannot be beaten. The HTC abrasion resistant fabric offers a level of comfort and suppleness that is really noticeable when riding, a SinAqua waterproof membrane keeps you dry, adjustable vents keep you cool when required and a full length removable thermal lining keeps the warmth in on those cold days.
    Zip together with the GT textile jean for the ultimate sports touring textile jacket. If all that wasn’t enough add in the safety of Level 2 armour and an In&motion integrated Airbag and every box is ticked! Learn More
  5. In&motion Replacement Inflator

    In&motion Replacement Inflator

    The In&motion Replacement Inflator is the easy to change airbag inflation device developed by In&motion to go in your RST Integrated Airbag jacket or race suit. Learn More

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