RST Materials Glossary

This glossary aims to provide a brief explanation of some of the main materials used in RST products to help give a better understanding of the technical specification of our motorcycle clothing.


Soft suede-like microfibre noted for its durability.

Aniline Waxed Cowhide

This leather is drum dyes with special aniline dyes that permeate the entire hide, it is then finished with a special wax treatment that gives a premium fashion look whilst retaining high levels of abrasion and tear strength.


A Para-Aramidic fibre that offers high levels of abrasion/tear/cut and heat resistance. Used as a secondary layer in garments like Denim jeans, shirts, race suits and gloves


A densely woven, heavy weight synthetic fabric using fine fibers that offers extreme abrasion resistance, tear and cut strength.


RST only use full grain cow hide that offers excellent abrasion and tear strength. Each hide is visually inspected, and batch tested before being selected for use by one of our in-house craftsmen.


A specially woven Nylon/Poly mix that has up-to a 6% stretch for enhanced comfort and ergonomics.


A three-layer micro-porous silicone coated waterproof and breathable membrane used in boots and gloves.


HTC is a high tenacity Nylon fabric that combines outstanding levels of abrasion and tear strength and id highly supple and offers excellent levels of comfort.

K-492 Mesh

This mesh fabric gives a high level of abrasion and tear strength whilst allowing a huge volume of airflow, used in low risk zones combined with other main fabrics.

Kangaroo Leather

Kangaroo leather has up to 10 times the tensile compared to standard cowhide, enabling a lower thickness to be used. These guarantee excellent abrasion and tear strength whilst offering maximum comfort and enhanced ergonomics.


DuPont™ Kevlar® has a unique combination of high strength, high modulus, toughness and thermal stability. It was developed for demanding industrial and advanced-technology applications.

Premium Drum Tanned Cowhide

The highest quality hide, drummed dyed and treated with special silicones, only full-grain leather is used. This leather offers superior abrasion and tear resistance and is super-soft and supple.


MaxTex is a high denier synthetic fabric that offers a good balance of protection and ergonomics.


Synthetic leather ideally suited for boots. Easily shaped to aid construction, water repellent and resistant to stretching.


Ripstop Nylon is extremely tough. Ideal for use in garments that will be worn in the toughest conditions.


A three-layer durable waterproof and breathable membrane offering breathability of 5000g/m2/24h and a waterproof rating of over 10000mm/cm3.

SinAqua Pro

An ultra-durable three-layer waterproof and breathable membrane, offering exceptional breathability 11500 g/m2/24h of and a waterproof rating of over 15000mm/cm3.


A highly breathable 4-layer waterproof membrane used in footwear. Footwear with Sympatex delivers excellent performance, protection, and wear comfort in all weather conditions.


A lighter weight version of out VX-R fabric.


A special woven Nylon/Poly mix that has a soft and supple hand feel. VX-R is highly protective and enables enhanced levels of tailoring of garments where this fabric is used.

Wax Cotton

Synthetic wax is pre-impregnated into the cotton for a modern take on the traditional wax look. This fabric offers excellent protective qualities.