RST Explains CE Certification

This is what CE means to you... 

RST has worked with a UK notified body (testing lab) to certify the majority of the 2018 range. This is in addition to the boots and gloves which are already CE approved.

Check out our short video that explains all about the new CE certification for motorcycle clothing. 

The technical specification comprises of 3 performance levels. The level of protective clothing should be chosen by the user based on their requirements, taking into account the type of riding and environmental conditions such as temperature.

 Below are the 3 levels –

  • Level AAA - Designed to the highest level of protection, however there may be ergonomic or weight penalties associated with its use.
  • Level AA -  Offers a balance between the level of protection available and any ergonomic or weight penalties associated with its use.
  • Level A – This offers a lower level of protection and is designed to reduce ergonomic and weight penalties. The intended use for this level is where conditions would make higher levels more inappropriate. For example in warmer weather conditions.


See the full range of RST CE Certfied motorcycle clothing here!