Lightweight, tough, and incredibly durable, Kevlar® adds value, anywhere a physical challenge needs to be met. RST is therefore proud to partner with Kevlar® to curate a collection of better, stronger, and safer protective apparel that confronts the physical demands of motorcycling. At RST, our obsession with protection is relentless. Ultimately, our job is to do everything we can to ensure our riders are comfortable and protected. Our garments need to perform - working in synergy with the rider and the bike. The RST Built with Kevlar™ collection may look casual but is anything but. The collection features a range of textile shirts, hoodies and jeans that have been designed with safety and comfort in mind. They offer enhanced abrasion resistance and tear strength even on your toughest rides.

The Collection

Textile Shirts

Textile Hoodies

Textile Jeans


Kevlar® is a heat-resistant para-aramid synthetic fiber with a molecular structure of many inter-chain bonds and provides a tensile strength 10X greater than steel on an equal weight basis. The benefits to you by purchasing products with Kevlar® protection include...

High tensile Strength

Ballistic Resistance

Cut & puncture resistance

Heat Resistance


Kevlar® was first synthesized in 1964 by Stephanie Kwolek at the Dupont laboratories in Wilmington, United States and since, a lot has changed. From protecting heroes, inspiring athletes, exploring new frontiers and how we get there, Kevlar® is for those that push themselves to be their best everyday.

This innovative and lightweight material provides unrivaled durability and allows you to push the limits.


Kevlar® is lightweight, tough and incredibily durable making it the perfect partner for RST. In protective motorcycle garments Kevlar® fibers are used in the thread or fabric and help provide improved tear and abrasion resistance so that you can enjoy the ride.

Our Built with Kevlar® collection is designed to look good both and on and off the bike however it must provide protection when required in the unfortunate event of an accident.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We recommend cleaning your RST Kevlar® garment with a damp sponge.

All RST Built with Kevlar™ garments feature Kevlar® at a minimum in zone 1. Zone 1 is the area of the garment that in the unfortunate event of an accident has the highest risk of injury such as the elbow and shoulder. Please check the individual product descriptions for full details on specific garments.

Kevlar® is selected for RST garments as its extremely lightweight and durable, offering the perfect balance of protection and function. Kevlar® is world-renowned and is best known for its use from aerospace to military however due to its high tensile strength-to-weight ratio it is also perfect for use in other applications such as motorcycle apparel.

Adding Kevlar® to an RST garment does not add any unnecessary size or bulk as garments are designed and manufactured from specific materials due to their protective attributes.

Additional armour can be added to RST Built with Kevlar™ garments.