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1. Purchase your RST Airbag garment

Please note, the garment is currently without the In&box required to make the airbag system work.

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2. Order the In&box

Purchase your membership and register your garment online to trigger the delivery of the In&box to you. Scan the QR code or visit Membership moto - Inemotion


3. Activate the In&box

Once you have received the In&box, download My In&box app to activate it.


How does it work?

The intelligent airbag system is based on an evolving philosophy:

Thanks to embedded algorithms the smart In&box system analyses the biker’s moves 1000 times a second to detect a fall

In less than 33ms (detection) and 22ms (inflation), the airbag cushion is inflated to protect the most sensitive body areas

The In&motion software collects all data to constantly improve its algorithm, offering even better customised protection

  • Integrated CE certified Level 1 back protector (according to EN 1621-2 standard)
  • Reusable – After inflation deployment, the inflator can be changed by the user (up to 3 times)
  • Body areas protected: Spine, thorax, abdomen


Comfortable to wear

  • Ergonomic design - garments designed with the airbag in mind
  • Integrated airbag system
  • Breathable 3D mesh ensures comfort in use
  • Airbag system add only 650g to the weight of the garment

Ultimate Performance

  • Ultrafast detection and inflation < 60ms
  • Intelligent upgradable technology
  • Battery power: 20hrs with auto standby
  • Covers the thorax, abdomen, spine and collarbone
  • Fully CE Certified garment, armour and airbag
  • Integrated CE Certified back protector

Easy to Use

  • Wireless
  • Electronic airbag detection system has embedded algorithms to activate the vest - so there is no risk of this going off unless there is a crash
  • Three algorithms: street, track and adventure
  • Continuous improvement- rider data is automatically sent to the In&motion servers to enrich the algorithm


  • One box. Multiple riding opportunities
  • Wireless
  • No cables or sensors required on the bike

The In&box App

The IN&BOX app is available on android & IOS and gives you access to:
  • Your system dashboard battery status
  • System connection status
  • All new updates available
  • Manage your detection mode:
    switch between street, track and adventure modes

    Visit IN&MOTION for more information

Select your membership package

Choose the best payment method for you
Lease your IN&BOX
Buy your IN&BOX
Cost£12 Month or £120 Year£399
WarrantyUnlimited*2 Years

Mobile App Dashboard

Available on iOS and Android. You can easily access your battery level, connection status and your updates via WiFi through the mobile app “My In&box”.



Continuous Performance Updates

System performance updates thanks to the data generated by the In&motion members/users



Cancel anytime

You don’t ride anymore? Stop the leasing and send back your In&box to In&motion.



Service in case of problem with your IN&BOX

Any problem with your In&box and receive a new one within 7-10 working days**



Purchase option

Purchase option optional after 3 consecutive years’ leasing

Yes £99


New IN&BOX generation

After 3 consecutive years’ leasing get the new generation of the In&box available***



Track Option

Ride on the track? The In&motion technology is also there for you! Make sure your suit is compatible and switch to the “Track mode” through the mobile app before you start

£8 / Month or £25 / Year
*First year free with V4.1 & Pro Series suit

Adventure Option

Dedicated to off-road use, the adventure mode has been developed for trail, leisure enduro and on drivable paths such as dirt, gravel or sand.

£8 / Month or £25 / Year
*Suitable for trail and leisure enduro riding

Membership valid subject to the purchase of the RST integrated airbag range

*The IN&BOX warranty only applies if the system is used under the appropriate conditions. On track (closed regulated circuit), the track mode must be activated.

**If your issue is not solved by phone, a new IN&BOX will be sent within 7-10 working days. ***Subject to availabilty

Frequently Asked Questions

When you purchase an RST Airbag garment, you will not receive your In&box - this is the brain of the garment. To get your In&box, you will need to order it from here: Order your In&box

Your In&box needs to be activated with a live subscription before use

  1. Purchase your RST integrated airbag garment from an authorised RST airbag dealer
  2. Order your In&box separately here
  3. Visit to create your account
  4. Download the “My In&box” app from Google Play or the App Store
  5. Purchase a membership package: Buy or lease
  6. Activate your account
You can pause your subscription with In&motion at any time.

To fit the In&box, undo the blue zip at the bottom-rear of the jacket. You will see the shell where the In&box fits by looking upwards (remember to slide the unlocking tab upwards to remove the In&box).

To fit the In&box, undo the blue zip at the bottom-rear of the jacket. Pull the Velcro aside on the waterproof cover and you will see the shell where the In&box fits (remember to slide the unlocking tab upwards to remove the In&box).

To fit the In&box, undo the blue zip at the middle-rear of the suit. You will see the shell where the In&box fits by looking upwards (remember to slide the unlocking tab upwards to remove the In&box).

You will see where the arrows on the box line up with the arrows on the shell, line up these arrows then slide the In&box in towards the centre.

For more information go to

Slide the lock tab up, above the In&box, then slide the In&box out from the shell.

For more information go to

Remove the In&box and use the supplied USB cable to charge your In&box. The charging time is around 2-3 hours.

The gas is produced by combustion, rather than compressed gas, which allows for a faster more consistent inflation and sets this apart from other lower cost system using compressed gas.

Inflation times are key in a motorcycle accident and the inflator is closely based on what you would like in a car curtain airbag system, hence the quick inflation time. Rather than compressed gas systems which are typically based on flotation life jacket technology where inflation time is much less of a consideration in the design.

Under the shell you will find a black zip, undo this zip and you will see the back protector that houses the inflator.

  1. Ensure your In&box is turned off
  2. Remove the cable connector from the end of the inflator
  3. Unscrew and remove the inflator
  4. Screw in the new inflator
  5. Re-connect the cable connector
  6. Zip the cover up and replace your box (if the inflator LED (light) is green, the inflator is full and working correctly. If the inflator LED is red, the inflator is not connected: the airbag is not functional)

You can purchase a replacement inflator from your nearest authorised RST airbag dealer. Authorised dealers are also trained to replace the inflator for you if required.

No because the back protector is integrated into the system. The back protector is CE certified to Level 1 (according to EN 1621-2 standard).

Press the middle button twice in quick succession to turn the box on / off.

With the In&box removed, find the master switch located on the left of the box above the USB charging port.

The In&box works independently and does not require the app to operate. It does not need to be connected to the app to detect movement and trigger the inflation of the airbag. The app can be used to show your system dashboard battery status, view all new updates and switching from street to track mode. Download the “My In&box” app from Google Play or the App Store.

The system has been designed for three deployments and each deployment will be different. It is recommended to send your RST garment for inspection to an authorised RST airbag dealer. If your garment is damaged, you can also send it back for an inspection and repair (if possible). Please refer to the user guide for more information.

Your RST garment has a 2-year warranty. Please register here.

No, do not wear anything over the top of your RST airbag garment.

We recommend cleaning your RST airbag garment with a damp sponge. This is due to the nature of the electronic components; you must not wash the garment.

The airbag protects the back, chest and torso and can limit the hyper-extension of the neck.


Yes, the firmware is updated on a regular basis when connected to WiFi. In&motion use rider data to update the algorithm through regular releases of the software running the In&box. Please see the user guide for more information.

As there are different riding styles for track (circuit), on road and off-road, there are three different detection modes available to suit your riding style.

ROAD MODE – to be exclusively used on roads in a traffic environment
TRACK MODE – designed to be used on approved closed circuits only with the RST V4.1 or Pro Series suit only
ADVENTURE MODE – dedicated to trail or recreational enduro riding on dirt tracks

The algorithm is configured to protect the user above all else. If the sensor data is unusual and the system cannot be certain the rider is safe, then the system will deploy, although this is very unlikely. Please read the full guide in the user manual for more information.

The In&box uses an algorithm linked to a suite of sensors to constantly monitor the rider. The sensor data is used to analyse the movement of the user in real time against different parameters obtained through analysis of riding data and accidents.

The algorithm is designed to activate the airbag upon a set of criteria being met from inputs of all the sensors.

The app allows switching between the modes (if you have purchased the track and/or adventure option).

The Collection


At RST, our obsession with protection is relentless. We are proud to be working with In&motion – experts in engineering wearable airbag systems. Just as armour is integrated into garments, we believe the best way to improve rider safety is to fully integrate In&motion’s airbag technology into RST garments.


Knowledge gained through countless hours of product development enables us to keep safety at the heart of our product innovation. We started development with the V4.1 airbag race suit, born on the worlds ultimate race track – the Isle of Man TT mountain course, countless miles ridden by legends such as Ian Hutchinson and Conor Cummins enabled us to verify that the design met the stringent requirements set by the RST development team, and needed by riders of this calibre.

We then let our international riding team of pilots including Kenny Foray (MotoE), Alex Lowes (WSBK) and RST’s founder and British Super Twins champion Jonny Towers, verify the V4.1 on racetracks around the world before it was finally signed off to be made available in the 2020 RST collection.

Alongside the development of the V4.1, everything we learned about integrating In&motion’s technology quickly filtered down into the jacket development programme, we selected RST’s premium jacket in each key category.

Our collection of fully integrated airbag garments combines comfort and discretion to offer enhanced rider protections – FULLY CE CERTIFIED GARMENT, ARMOUR & AIRBAG

Kenny Foray wearing the RST Race Dept V4.1 Airbag 1PC Suit at Misano

Kenny Foray wearing the RST Race Dept V4.1 Airbag 1PC Suit at Misano