Keith Farmer

Favourite Track?: Oulton Park

Would you rather win the MotoGP title or IOM TT senior title?: MotoGP Title

Best memory on a bike?: When I won the Supersport championship in 2017

Best memory off the bike?: Being a dad to 2 beautiful daughters

Any pre-race rituals?: When I'm getting changed I always but my left boot on first, same with my gloves. Just before I get on the bike I will always go to my hunkers and have a little minute to chat with my mum.

What do you get up to when you are not racing?: I work full time so when I'm not racing I'm training every morning before I start work at 7:30 until 5/6ish. I then spend the evening with my partner and daughters

Favourite music Artist/ band?: Ed Sheeran

If you could have 1 single super power what would it be?: Healing power so I can erase all cancer

If you were going to be stranded on a desert island what 3 things would you take?: My partner and 2 kids.

Who is your biggest inspiration?: My mum is the biggest inspiration to me

Series: British Stock 1000

Team: Tycho BMW

Biography: Keith Farmer is the Ex Supermoto British 2nd, 2011 British Superstock 600 Champion and 2012 British Superstock 1000 Champion.  Keith was also 2017 British Supersport champion and will be racing for the Tycho BMW team in the British Superstock 1000.