Cameron Donald

Likes: Riding bikes! be it road bikes, moto cross, classic, trails, i like them all.

Dislikes: Speeding fines and cold weather...

Series: Roads

Kit Worn:Pro Series suit 1pc, Motopilot Evo Glove, RST cycling kit

Car: Mitsubishi 4wd Pick up

Bike: RM250 mx bike, Buell XB-12SS street bike, Gas Gas 250 trials bike, 1954 350cc Matchless for riding slow...

When Not Racing: Waterskiing, Cycling, Fishing, Kayaking

Favourite Track: Isle of Man TT course

Hometown: Melbourne, Australia


Cameron was born 28 September 1977 in Melbourne Australia. His first bike was a Suzuki RM50 handed down to him at the age of six from his older brother Brad. Cameron was riding regularly for years but didn't start racing seriously until the age of 15 w