Over 30 Years of Innovation, Design and Safety

RST can trace its history back to 1988, with a simple idea - to produce a range of motorcycle clothing that offered exceptional value and quality combined with cutting edge design and style.

Originally named 'Rhino', RST started with a range of gloves and over the years has grown into a globally recognised brand with presence in Europe, North & South America and Australasia. RST is also the UK's No1 motorcycle apparel brand.

Jonny Towers, one of the original founders of 'Rhino', started to develop the range alongside other founding shareholders of the company. Rhino started producing a basic range of gloves and leather jackets before extending the range into all areas of protective apparel.

Jonny remembers: “We thought there was a need for a range of good looking, affordable quality products. I’d go to bike meets and see riders stood about in really badly fitting suits, most riders can’t afford high-end brands and I didn’t see why an affordable suit should fit badly. I set out to create a range of products that looked good, worked well and offered good value.

"Rhino evolved into Rhino Sport, then we added ‘Technology’ to the name and it became RST. It grew from there and the brand has gone from strength to strength. With some very difficult years within the motorcycle industry, we’ve managed to grow the brand, year on year and have re-invested in technology and in-house design, setting up the RST Race Department.”

We are sure you will have just as much fun riding in RST as we have designing and developing it!