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Classic Motorcycle Gear: A Timeless Blend of Style and Function

Do you crave the thrill of the open road, wrapped in the timeless allure of vintage aesthetics? Look no further than RST's classic range – a haven for those who appreciate the fusion of premium materials, expert craftsmanship, and a touch of nostalgia.

In this article, we'll take you on a journey through the highlights of the RST classic collection, featuring exceptional vintage-styled pieces that capture the essence of motorcycling's golden era.

When it comes to classic motorcycle gear, a world of style and functionality awaits. From the open road to city streets, touring to racing, each style brings its unique flair. Choosing the right gear for your riding style is paramount – let's explore the key aspects that define classic motorcycle gear.

CLASSIC Motorcycle Clothing

Things to consider when looking AT RETRO-STYLED riding gear.

Style: Classic motorcycle gear spans a spectrum of styles, catering to road cruisers, urban explorers, tour enthusiasts, and speed demons alike. The essence lies in finding gear that complements your riding persona and preferences. Whether it's the timeless leather look or a blend of textiles, your gear should seamlessly align with your classic style.

Primary Construction: In the realm of classic motorcycle gear, construction holds the key to combine durability, performance and styling. Traditional textiles, mesh fabrics, and perforated leathers form the foundation, allowing breathability while maintaining sturdiness. Modern proprietary materials, such as CORDURA, Kevlar® and Dyneema-infused fabrics, bring a contemporary touch, offering abrasion resistance that rivals the resilience of leather.

Secondary Construction: While primary construction sets the stage, secondary elements like sweat-wicking liners and reinforced overlays play a pivotal role in enhancing a garment's prowess. These elements not only boost durability but also contribute to rider comfort and protection. They're the intricate details that bring todays classic-styled motorcycling gear into the present.

Armour: Armour, is a cornerstone of modern-day classic riding gear: enabling these garments to meet modern-day safety requirements. Designed to shield against impacts, the range of available armour types ensures varied levels of protection.


Fusion may be styled like a vintage motorcycle jacket, but it's brimming with modern day day technology inside for unparalleled levels of protection. This classic jacket feels incredible to wear. Made from a super soft, matte finish premium Aniline Waxed leather, it features a four-way woven stretch material to the sides and arms which offers maximum comfort and aids airbag deployment.

Materials: Premium Analine Waxed Leather, 4 Way Stretch, Fixed Quick Dry 3D Mesh Inner Lining
Certification: AA
Armour: CE Level 1 Shoulder & Elbow, Back protector: supported by integrated In&motion Airbag

View Fusion Airbag Jacket

Brandish Leather Jacket

The Brandish 2 is the second jacket in the RST TT Classic Collection using a heavy duty vintage cowhide with a soft twill chequered lining, vintage zip details, front entry pockets and double layer leather to the shoulder and elbows.

Materials: Premium Drum Dyed Cowhide Leather / Fixed Brushed Check Liner
Certification: AA
Armour: Level 2 Shoulder

View Brandish Leather Jacket

Sherpa Denim Jacket

A classically styled denim garment, backed with Kevlar® protection and lined with Sherpa fleece on the inside. With CE approved armour at the shoulders and elbows, a true biker jacket with a real fashion style.

Materials: Denim / Sherpa Fleece Lining
Certification: AA
Armour: Level 1 Shoulder and Elbow

View Mens Sherpa Denim Jacket
View Ladies Sherpa Denim Jacket


The Crosby 2 is a classic cotton canvas jacket, paying homage to RST’s sponsorship of the Isle of Man TT. Available in vintage colour-ways; charcoal and green, with a removable thermal lining and fix waterproof lining on the inside. A classic textile offering from the RST TT Collection.

Materials: Cotton Canvas / Fixed Mesh With SinAqua Membrane, Removable Lightweight Thermal Lining
Certification: A
Armour: Level 1 Shoulder

View Crosby Textile Jacket


The Matlock is a classic glove, ideally worn with the Matlock jacket. CE Certified to Level 1 KP, the glove features Visco Elastane knuckle protectors. Additionally, it has a vintage style and the same quilted detailing on the jacket. Made from leather with suede in key impact areas, the glove has perforated leather for added ventilation whilst riding.

Materials: Full Grain Leather, Suede / Polyester Lining With Foam
Armour: Level 1 KP

View Matlock Gloves

Womens Ripley Leather Jacket

The Ripley 2 is a specifically tailored women’s classic leather jacket, using super soft aniline leather. It has a satin black lining ensuring you look stylish both on and off the bike, while giving you the CE approved protection you need.

Materials: Premium Drum Dyed Buffalo Leather / Fixed Satin Lining
Certification: AA
Armour: Level 1 Shoulder & Elbow

View Ladies Ripley Leather Jacket

Roadster Leather Jacket

Utilising the highest quality aniline leather for a great fashion look and fit, the Roadster 3 CE Men’s Leather Jacket could easily come from a fashion environment yet keeps all the protection and safety features required from a motorcycle jacket.

Materials: Premium Analine Waxed Leather / Fixed Satin Lining
Certification: AA
Armour: Level 1 Elbow & Back

View Mens Roadster Leather Jacket
View Ladies Roadster Leather Jacket

Roadster Leather GLOVE

Styled to match the new Roadster jacket, the glove is available in matching leather and colour to the jacket. Equipped with a motion panel on the back of the hand and an integrated knuckle protector giving a great amount of comfort alongside a classic style.

Materials: Full Grain Leather, Amara / Polyester Lining
Armour: Level 1 KP

View Mens Roadster Leather Glove
Roadster 3 CE Ladies Glove

Roadster Waterproof Leather Boots

Styled like a traditional leather lace up work boot, this boot is designed for riding. The Roadster is the perfect combination with a pair of RST x Kevlar® jeans for a smart yet practical riding outfit that can be worn all day.

Materials: Leather / Fixed Mesh Lining, Sinaqua Waterproof Membrane
CE Certification: 1222
Armour: Level 1 KP

View Roadster Waterproof Boot

RST's Classic Range is a symphony of vintage charm and modern innovation. This collection encapsulates the spirit of motorcycling's past while propelling you into the future. Embrace the essence of timeless design, uncompromising protection, and unmatched style with RST's Classic Range – where every ride becomes an ode to the golden age of two-wheeled adventures.

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