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Spring / Summer Collection

Spring is here and that brings with it the longer days, brighter nights and most importantly a new RST range. We've picked out some of our key 'warmer weather' products from the 2024 spring / summer collection below.

When it comes to riding in hot weather, choosing the right motorcycle gear is essential for comfort and safety. Summer-specific riding clothing, like jackets, jeans, and gloves, are designed to keep riders cool while still offering ample protection. Here are five key areas to consider when purchasing summer riding clothing.

Summer Motorcycle Clothing

Things to consider when looking AT warm weather riding gear.

Style: Summer motorcycle clothing comes in a variety of styles, from road and urban models to touring and race-oriented garments. When looking for any motorcycle clothing, you should look for a product most suited for your style of riding and use.

Primary Construction: The primary construction of summer motorcycle clothing is crucial in determining its quality and effectiveness. Common materials used in summer gear include textiles, mesh fabrics, and perforated leathers. Proprietary materials like CORDURA and Dyneema-infused fabrics are also becoming more popular and offer abrasion resistance that rivals traditional leather.

Secondary Construction: While the primary construction is important, secondary materials like sweat-wicking liners and reinforced overlays for high abrasion areas can also affect a garment's performance. They may also be used for trim or accents.

Armour: A crucial safety element of any riding clothing, armour protects against blunt-force impacts. Many different types of armour are available, with varying levels of protection and proprietary technology. Consider the placement of the armour, whether it is removable, and whether it is included with the garment.

Ventilation: Keeping cool in hot weather is essential for rider comfort, and ventilation is key to achieving this. Materials used in construction will impact airflow, but garments with additional ventilation and exhaust ports will improve comfort. Look for clothing with effective ventilation for maximum comfort and cooling.


Due to high demand, we have expanded our S-1 Collection, with a new Jacket and Jean built from the S-1 leather. We’ve used the same high- quality leather in all Zone 1 area but added K300 mesh to enable summer riding, providing expectational air flow across the body.

Materials: Leather / Mesh
Certification: AA
Armour: Level 1 Elbow & Shoulder

View S-1 Mesh Jacket
View S-1 Mesh Leather Jean


We’ve adapted the classic RST Roadster and created the Roadster Air – perfect for warmer weather conditions. Using fully perforated leather, we’ve additionally fitted a lightweight mesh liner to guarantee airflow across the body. This not only reduces the weight of the jacket, it also brings an incredible level of comfort and classic look.

Materials: Leather / Polyester
Certification: A
Armour: Level 1 Elbow & Shoulder

View Mens Roadster Air
View Ladies Roadster Air


Our Ventilator XT has been updated with even more mesh on the outer shell to flow as much air as possible making it a truly versatile jacket for both sports and touring riders when combined with a Ventilator XT jean.

Materials: Maxtex, K300 Mesh, Ballistic / Fixed Quick Dry Mesh Lining, Removable Thermal Lightweight SinAqua Pro Liner
Certification: AA
Armour: Level 2 Shoulder, Elbow and Back

View Ventilator XT Jacket
View Ventilator XT Jean

S-1 Mesh TEXTILE Jacket

Geared towards summer riding and based on the fantastic S-1 Textile Jacket, using the same chassis, the jacket comes equipped with a mesh layer to allow air to flow around the body. Paired with a removable water-resistant lining on the inside to increase the jacket’s practicality.

Materials: Maxtex, K450 Mesh / Fixed Mesh Lining, Removable SinAqua Waterproof Lining
Certification: A
Armour: Level 1 Shoulder

View Mens Jacket
View Ladies Jacket


The Pilot Evo Air Jacket is a light weight mesh version of out Pilot Evo sports jacket. Bringing all the great qualities of the Pilot Evo jacket but with the additional feature of a mesh layer to allow air to flow around the body, great for summer riding.

Materials: Maxtex, K300 Mesh
Certification: AA
Armour: Level 1 Elbow & Shoulder

View Pilot AIR Jacket


The RST Pro Series Ranger is the ultimate go-anywhere jacket & jean combination. Designed to see you ride around the world. It is three jackets in one with a removable destination inner coat, the Ranger main outer jacket and then a SinAqua Waterproof outer shell which gives you the flexibility to keep riding whatever the conditions.

Materials: Maxtex, Ballistic / Fixed 3d Mesh Lining, Removable SinAqua Pro Overcoat, Removable Mid-weight Destination Jacket
Certification: AA
Armour: Level 2 Shoulder, Elbow and Back / Hip & Knee

Ranger Textile Jacket
View Ranger Jean


The Pro Series Adventure-X jacket and jean is a must have for all adventure riding. Designed with input from legendary Dakar Rally finisher Mick Extance, who knows what is needed to make the best jackets for adventure riding!

Materials: Maxtex, Fixed Mesh Lining, Removable Thermal Quilted Liner Bonded With Waterproof Sinaqua Membrane
Certification: AA
Armour: Level 2 Shoulder, Elbow and Back / Hip & Knee

Mens Adventure-X Jacket
View Ladies Adventure-X Jacket
View Mens Adventure-X Jean
Ladies Adventure-X Jean


The Maverick EVO jacket has an improved fit profile, the addition of hand warmer pockets and an adjustment upgrade. It will take on any weather condition with a SinAqua waterproof membrane, quilted thermal liner, and reflex reflective print to enhance visibility in darker conditions. Ventilation is at the core of this jacket with multi-pocketed intake and exhaust ventilation areas which can be opened to channel airflow in, and out of the jacket. Finished with multiple storage pockets, MAX Zippers and a 360-degree connection zipper for pairing with the Maverick Evo Jean, this truly makes the Maverick Evo set a great touring option.

Materials: Maxtex, Fixed Mesh Lining, Removable Sinaqua Waterproof Lining, Removable Lightweight Thermal Lining
Certification: AA
Armour: Level 2 Shoulder & Elbow, Level 1 Back / Hip & Knee

Mens Maverick Jacket
Ladies Maverick Jacket
Mens Maverick Jean
View Ladies Maverick Jean

TracTech Evo 5 Textile Jacket

The TracTech Evo 5 is the ultimate sports textile jacket, sharing the same suit of level 2 armour as the leather TracTech Evo range. Featuring external TPU shoulder sliders, fitted with a removable thermal lining and high performance SinAqua waterproof lining. The TracTech Evo 5 Textile Jacket can be attached to any pair of RST jeans using the 360 connection zip. Pair with a set of RST leather jeans for cooler days, alternatively switch out with a pair of RST textile jeans for ultimate flexibility and sports comfort.

Materials: Maxtex, Fixed Mesh Lining, Removable Sinaqua Waterproof Lining, Removable Lightweight Thermal Lining
Certification: AA
Armour: Level 2 Shoulder, Elbow, Back

View Mens Tractech Evo 5 Jacket

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