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Catching up with: 44Teeth

Recently we sat down with motorcycling rogues 44teeth, to talk about their life in motorcycling, their takes on the state of the two-wheeled world and their careers to date. Read on below.

In the world of motorised two-wheels, Chris Eades, Mike Booth (Boothy), and Al Fagan of 44Teeth emerge not merely as riders but as advocates for all things two-wheeled, each with a narrative as gripping as their manoeuvres on the track. With their wild sense of humour coupled with years of riding knowledge - they have become savants in their domain.

We peel back the layers to uncover their racing roots, triumphs, revered idols, and the authentic camaraderie that fuels the trio's shared passion for motorcycles.

How did you get introduced to motorcycling?

Boothy: The journey commenced at the age of six, as Boothy, fuelled by a familial racing legacy, tore through motocross tracks. Now, with 27 years of racing under his belt, he reminisces about the transition from motocross to road racing at the tender age of 13, a pivotal moment that set the stage for his enduring love affair with speed.

Chris: A relative newcomer with just one year of racing under his belt, Chris owes his initiation to the very entity he co-champions, 44Teeth. Back in 2008, he was a commuting enthusiast who found his way into the world of vlogging, initially centered around the charm of old Vespa's. A casual race at Donington Park marked his baptism into competitive racing, where initial trembles transformed into a heartbeat that echoes through 44Teeth's racing endeavours.

Al: Racing prodigy Al embarked on his journey at the tender age of eight, weaving through the world of motocross under the watchful eye of his father. His transition to road racing at 21 saw him clinch a championship in his debut year, a testament to the raw talent that would define his illustrious 32-year racing career.

** Racing proficiency may be slightly embellished here.

Which Championships have you competed in?


  • BMW F900 cup (2023)

  • Le Mans 24hrs

  • Isle of Man TT

  • European Classic Endurance


  • BMW F900 R Cup (2024)

  • North Gloucester Golden Era

Biggest Successes / Achievements?

Beyond podiums and victories, Boothy points to the crowning achievement of 44Teeth as Budget Bike Battles, and the overall strength of the trio's following; where the true measure of success is the audience's reaction and the enduring impact on the industry.

For Chris, the highlight resonates in pioneering the motorcycle industry, reshaping the landscape of motorcycle journalism, and, in essence, rewriting the rules of motorcycle coverage and content.

Who is your biggest idol in Motorcycling?

Al: The legendary Wayne Gardner, a figure whose legacy echoes through the annals of motorcycle racing. "It was his style, when I was growing up, he was exciting to watch; aggression and control on the bike - he's the guy for me"

Boothy: Valentino Rossi, the maestro of the MotoGP realm. "It's a bit of a boring pick, but Rossi was the man, not to sound like a fan-boy; but he's the greatest to ever do it"

Chris: In a departure from convention, Chris finds inspiration in Eddie Kidd, the iconic stuntman whose daredevil feats have etched their place in motorcycle folklore. "Yeah, never really one for following track racers, but watching Eddie - that got you excited to get on a motorcycle; it made it 'cool'"

What are your interests outside of racing?

Beyond the whirr of engines and the rush of the track, these three are interconnected by 44Teeth, not just as a job but as the primary interest that unites them whenever they come together. "We all live so far apart that we only really spend time together when we are doing things for 44teeth. It's work - but we get to do the thing we are all really passionate about anyway. This is our shared interest."

How did This season go?

2023 represented somewhat of an unusual season for the 44teeth boys. It was the inaugural season of the BMW F900 R Cup (for which Al and Boothy had agreed to share riding duties); plus it was also Boothy's return to racing following a crash at the 2022 Isle of Man TT, the severity of which mean't that Mike had to have his lower right leg amputated. So the fact that he was getting back out on track was, in itself a huge show of resilience that surpasses mere podium finishes.

Speaking on the overall performances throughout the year, Al who admits he had some low expectations, found the championship to be somewhat of a bright-spark in the BSB paddock, whilst also managing to secure points in every round.

How did the RST affiliation start?

So how did the boys get started with RST?

In the realm of racing gear, the loyalty runs deep. The first-ever jacket Chris purchased back in 2008, when he was starting out as a commuter was an RST jacket. He notes now that he didn't have much budget and that he went for a cheaper option in the market, yet that despite the price-point he was hugely impressed by the quality and durability of the jacket and has been an advocate for the brand ever since.

For Boothy, his first experience with the brand was in his role at Fastbikes; where as an independent product reviewer he was given one of the early RST race suits. His experience; "I thought it was just as good as anything I'd ever worn and it was a third of the price."

Off the back of this, in 2016 as the guys branched out on their journey as independent vlogger/journalistic entrepreneurs they partnered with RST and in the years since have become part of the brand's journey to push the boundaries of race suit design. "The progression of the suits has been massive, the cut, the materials, the designs; it's all really good - and for us with the nature of our suit designs it's the printing capabilities on top of all the safety features that make it perfect for us. There's no other brand where you can go and get a fully fitted, fully custom printed suit like these. No other brand would be able to do this for us."

You can see in the below video the suits that the guys designed for the 2023 season.

If you would like to create your own fully-custom made-to-measure suit - head over to our race department page now.

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