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Catching up with: Florian Marino

Recently we met up with Endurance World Championship rider Florian Marino, to talk about his life in motor-racing, the rigours of endurance riding and his career to date. Read on below to learn more about this flying-frenchman from Cannes.

For more than two decades, Florian Marino has carved his path in motorcycle racing. From his early beginnings at the age of 9 to becoming a professional racer in 2010, Florian has done a lot in his career to date.

A Glimpse into the Early Years

Florian's passion for racing ignited when he was just a child. At the tender age of 9, he revved up his engine and embarked on a journey that would define his life. However, his first memory of getting on the bike isn't exactly a victorious one; a little too much throttle causing a 'wheelie' and a crash in his debut race, albeit not on track: he had started his 2-wheeled career in motocross. Despite this, he wasn't deterred from his passion for the sport.

Hailing from the picturesque city of Cannes, France, his roots have undoubtedly played a role in shaping his racing journey, which has taken him through a series of championships, including WSBK Stock 600, Supersport, and World Superstock 1000 championships. Currently, he's an active contender in the challenging and demanding Endurance World Championship (EWC).

Among his numerous accomplishments, standout achievements include clinching the runner-up position in the European Championship and a third place in the fiercely competitive World Supersport Championship in 2016.

His prowess has earned him an impressive tally of eight podium finishes in WorldSSP, with participation in 38 WorldSSP races. In World Superstock he has gained 22 starts, and currently has 16 EWC starts (with more to come). He has gained notable success in the championship already, with three podiums.

Inspirations and Role Models

Every racer draws inspiration from those who have left an indelible mark on the sport. When asked about his idols there are 3 that stand out:

"For me Jorge Lorenzo, Marc Marquez and I'd say Alex Lowes. With Jorge it was his riding style, the fierce aggressive style, Marc it's the talent: he's a remarkable rider and having worked with Alex it's his work ethic, his mentality to push himself to be the best he can be."

Beyond the racetrack, Florian leads a diverse life. When he's not burning rubber on the asphalt, he finds solace in the art of cooking, pedalling his way through picturesque landscapes on cycling adventures, and cherishing the warmth of those close to him. He offered an explanation as to why these activities appeal to him:

"They provide me with calm, I can get away from the stress of racing and be myself"


Reflecting on the current season, Marino doesn't shy away from acknowledging the hurdles he's encountered. Le Mans presented a formidable challenge, with testing conditions and unfortunate bike troubles. In contrast, at Spa, a sixth-place finish brought a glimmer of optimism. The journey continues, and Marino remains focused on the path ahead, seeking consistent improvement and striving for excellence - with his sights set on Suzuka. As the season progresses, all eyes turn to Suzuka – an event that Florian eagerly anticipates.

The prestige associated with Suzuka is unparalleled, as it draws in superstar riders and full-factory teams, fuelled by the intense interest of the Japanese manufacturers, it really is a huge event on the racing calendar.

The unique challenge of a shorter, 8-hour race demands a distinct approach, and the allure of Suzuka's world-renowned aura beckons to test all the competitors mettle on this iconic stage. This isn't lost on Florian:

"It's definitely a race I am looking forward to, I really enjoy the track. Obviously the place feels really different to Europe and it's exciting to race against the best riders, and the factory teams"

Beyond the confines of the current season, Marino's dreams stretch to new horizons. He harbors an aspiration that resonates deep within his racing soul – to triumph in a 24-hour race. Winning the Bol D'or, his cherished home race, holds a special place in his heart, symbolising a pinnacle of achievement that transcends even championship titles:

For me, to win the Bol D'or that would be my biggest dream

Florian Marino


Florian Marino's journey is interwoven with connections that transcend the boundaries of the racetrack. His friendship with fellow rider Alex Lowes is a testament to this. What started as camaraderie blossomed into a partnership that extends into the realm of coaching. The bond with Alex began in 2011, a year that saw them competing alongside Alex's twin brother, Sam Lowes.

As they navigated the challenges and triumphs of the racing circuit, a mutual respect and friendship began to take shape. It was in 2012, when Marino ventured into the British Superbike Championship (BSB), that Alex Lowes extended a helping hand. They exchanged advice, shared insights, and this camaraderie became the bedrock upon which their friendship was built.

The evolution of their relationship took an intriguing turn as the years rolled on. What began as a friendship transformed into a coaching partnership, a role Florian now occupies in Alex Lowes' team. His role as Alex Lowes' rider coach in the Kawasaki Racing Team (KRT) signifies not just the depth of their bond, but also Florian's profound knowledge of the sport.

As a rider coach, his responsibilities extend far beyond the conventional notions of coaching. His role is not about teaching Alex how to ride a bike – it's about refining the art of racing, honing every facet of Alex's performance. Florian provides an overarching perspective, offering a second pair of expert eyes on racing strategies. He analyses the strengths of fellow competitors, identifies optimal lines on the track, and fine-tunes the nuances of bike setup:

"It's a tweaking, a fine-tuning job, it's gaining that extra 1% of performance."

Harmony in Dual Commitments

Despite the demands of the Endurance World Championship (EWC), Florian adeptly balances his coaching role with his racing commitments. With EWC comprising only four races each season, the schedule is uniquely poised to accommodate his dual commitments.

As the EWC events align, Florian seamlessly transitions into his coaching role with KRT. His presence becomes an invaluable asset to the team, contributing his insights to enhance Alex Lowes' performance. Arriving ahead of race weekends, he collaborates with the team, providing the extra edge that could spell the difference between victory and an admirable finish.

Continuing the Pursuit of Excellence with RST: A Perfect Fit

Florian Marino's journey through the world of motorcycle racing isn't just about conquering tracks and achieving podium finishes – it's also a quest for performance and safety. A crucial aspect of his racing arsenal is his affiliation with RST, a partnership that seamlessly integrates the pursuit of high-performance and unwavering safety standards.

Florian's association with RST is a testament to the power of shared values and a common passion. It was through his friend and fellow rider, Alex Lowes, that Marino was introduced to RST. The allure of RST's culture, steeped in a genuine love for motorcycles, resonated deeply with him and upon meeting the team, he could see that Alex's description was spot-on – RST was more than a brand; it was a community of motorcycle enthusiasts who possessed the hands-on experience required to understand the intricate needs of riders.

In 2021, his journey intersected with RST, marking the beginning of a new chapter in his racing career. The partnership brought with it a world of innovation, comfort, and cutting-edge safety features. Florian's initial impressions of RST suits were nothing short of awe-inspiring. He attests to their incredible comfort and lightweight design, underpinned by a reactive airbag system that stands as a testament to RST's commitment to rider safety.

The AAA Rating: Elevating Safety Standards

All of our rider suits consist of materials that achieve the highest CE rating standard for motorcycle protection. In Europe this rating is AAA, you can read more about CE rating in our dedicated article: What is CE Certification?

RST offers a full range of AAA rated products, enabling all riders to have access to the same level of protection as our elite riders.

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